Command line for the web

I like command lines, its because of the unix and Novell effect we have from our Engineering curriculum, well this site helps you set up your own command line for the web and I will tell you it’s really cool.
Go to and type Jag in the command line, you will get to my blog here, doesn’t it make it simple.


4 thoughts on “Command line for the web”

  1. Just try this commands, all works cool.
    gma – is a bookmark for GMail.
    sgma – is the secure variant.
    ym – is a bookmark for Yahoo mail.
    send sends an email!
    gmails – searches your GMail account (after you log in).

    sudoku generates a sudoku puzzle for you to solve.
    wih is a bookmark for the warishellgaming forums.
    thott searches a World of Warcraft database.
    omerta is a bookmark for the text RPG of the same name.

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