Miss Universe

Zuleyka Rivera Mendoza of Puerto Rico was chosen Miss Universe 2006 on Sunday in Los Angeles.
You rock Latino babe!!YEAAAAAHHH ZULEYKA LOOK SO GORGEOUS. But she collapsed during a post-pageant news conference and was rushed off stage and quickly recovered after being given liquids. I missed the coverage this year, need to check the replays, it would be really hot, the very best from 86 countries competed for the crown (made of diamond-and-pearl valued is $250,000).
Miss Universe 2006 crowned


Prince of Wells

Six-year-old boy, dehydrated and frightened after a 50-hour in a hell hole is rescued. Here is how it happened from Mid-day.

Jaswant Singh and PM

Read this article, Jaswant forwards ‘mole’ document to PM.
I respect BJP for its Nationalistic ideologies, and I have no doubt in naming Mr. Jaswant Singh as the Best Foreign Minister India has ever seen, his diplomacy is well applauded by various foreign diplomats around the world. When such an esteemed person, speaks of a Mole in PM office, Mr. Prime Minister should have taken it serious and approached him for further evidence, so that the mole is removed and country is made much safer. Rather he went public challenging and speaking of decency, check his words.

"If he (Jaswant) has the decency and courage, he should name the person whom he is accusing of being a mole. We are not afraid of any debate on any issue".

I don’t understand what indecent Jaswant singh did. I very much feel Manmohan Singh & Congress is getting carried over by the weakness of BJP in the current form, and starting to neglect watever they speak about. Mr. Prime Minister, high time you watch words, he is the Former Foreign Minister of the country.

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