For anything, we turn to India

I haven’t read an crappy interview from an Head of the State, then this one, ‘For anything, we turn to India‘.
Check out these lines.

Are the peace talks still on?

I have enough faith I can do it (resolve the conflict). I am ready to discuss. We are ready to talk to the LTTE, ready to work with them.

Prabhakaran is a Sri Lankan, not an outsider. I am ready to talk, but he is not ready.

After Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination India does not have the leverage to bring him to the table. He is wanted in India for the assassination. India wants to try him.

We must do that. We must do that (try Prabhakaran for Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination).

He wants Mr. Prabhakaran to come to the negotiation tables and also wants to try him for an assassination in India.
Mr. President, I understand you are asking for India’s Military help. But do you want India to do your job. If India gets involved, India will ask for its own shares, better solve it yourself.

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