Need a free Business class flight from Thailand to US?

Do you need a free Business Class flight from Thailand to US. Then watch how this guy. JonBenet suspect walks free. This guy wants to be famous but became one with a wrong end.
In the JonBenet Ramsey murder case,John Mark Karr insisted that he was with the girl when she died.  But the DNA tests showed he was not at the crime scene despite his insistence.The DNA found on the little girl’s underwear was identified as belonging to a white male, but has never been matched to a suspect in the murder.
They took this man and dragged him to US from Bangkok, Thailand in a business class flight, with no forensic evidence confirming the allegations against him and no independent factors leading to a presumption that he did anything wrong. If you want a free flight, insist that you made a crime and then they will treat you with high class business travel.


IBM’s busy Billions

IBM has announced that it is buying four major companies for a total of $3.6 billion officially (forget about the unofficial $’s). It’s a strategic shift for IBM from an hardware, service oriented company towards software. Understandable approach as Software now provides the highest margin then any other sectors, check HP’ quarter results the software margin pulled it up from the rubble it has been on all these months, so who is the next target? Cognos or

Pakistan Team tampered with the cricket ball?

Never before in the history of Test cricket has a match been forfeited in this manner, England’s final Test against Pakistan ended on Sunday in high drama with Umpire ruling the match result in the hosts’ favour.Pakistan forfeited the match by refusing to play as they are upset by ball-tampering accusation by Darrell Hair, the umpire who accused them of changing the nature of the ball, and Pakistan. Darrell Hair is no nuetral umpire and he is very well known for his temper to Asian teams particularly pakistan and India.

Pakistan coach Bob Woolmer said of the incident: "I think there was a genuine feeling that, by inference, we had been cheating.I personally asked every member of the team, under oath basically, whether they had at any time scratched the ball during the innings and to a man they said no. I went to ask to see the ball. I looked at the ball and came to my own conclusions. I didn’t see any undue tampering with the ball – and in 38 years I have seen tampering with balls.It had been hit into the stands on numerous occasions by Kevin Pietersen. I didn’t think there were any undue marks, but that is a personal opinion.Having asked my team I can concur with them there was probably just damage from concrete and whatever."

This coach is taking oath with players? Well couldn’t stop myself from laughing :).
What the umpire should have done is they should have kept the match going for the sake of public, as they have paid the money. Voices of 23000 spectators in the stadium and Millions in TV and Radios went unheard, fans always suffer.

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