Panikkar & Jayamala’s Conspiracy

Unnikrishna Panikker, a star valued South Indian Astrologer created a storm couple of months ago when he  performed the "deva prasnam", a ritual through which an astrologer can apparently divine the goings-on at the temple. He revealed that a woman had entered the sanctum sanctorum of the temple. (Sabarimala temple regulations do not allow women and girls between 10 and 50 years of age to enter its inner premises.). Following the predictions, immediately Jayamala an prominent Kannada Actress  claimed that she was inside the sanctum sanctorum of the Ayyappa temple at Sabarimala 19 odd years ago and actually touched the idol in prayer. So Kerala Crime branch investigated the issue and claimed that Jayamala’s revealation is a consiparacy, and Jayamala had a meeting with Unnikrishna Panikker, an astrologer, in 2005.It just shows how much astrologers play tunes in divination issue in India, to earn money and fame. Hope the media puts a full stop to such musings of star studded astrologers as People are the one who suffers atlast in any issues.


Foreign Minister of India – When?

Prime Ministers of India Manmohan Singh also holds the portfolio of external affairs similar to  its congressial predecessor Jawaharlal Nehru who served as his own foreign minister throughout his 17 years in office — between August 1947 and May 1964. But the need of the hour is Full time Prime Minister, since India is surrounded by much unstable countries like Srilanka, Nepal, Myanmar, Bangladesh and Pakistan. India’s largest political party Congress couldn’t find one replacement for the post of Prime Minister? May be the race for the post is too high internally in the congress and Prime Minister wants to hold it to himself.

Clark Howard Vs Bank of America

Check this – Check from a scammer bounces victim into

Very interesting. Apparently Clark
is encouraging BoA customers to withdraw their funds in protest of mistreatment
of a San Francisco customer. Thus far, ten million in withdrawals. Corporate
lawyers are generally so worthless and stupid. They extenuate and make easy
problems worse that could be solved with a "while we have no legal liability, we
want to inspire customer confidence and have decided to pick up his fees". Now
they have a growing PR problem that will eventually embarrass them and instead
they should have cut the guy a check for $14k and let the story die.


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