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Qinghai-Tibet railway forces airlines to slash prices on flights to Lhasa. What a wonderful news.-Chinese recently finished constructing a railway link to the "Roof of the World" and its already paying rich dividends. High time India learns from China, and unite its North East and Kashmir valley to the main Indian land through railway links, once these people turn to economic prosperity half a work will be done in controlling the terrorism.

Pak demands Pope retract comments against Islam – Pope has commented on connections between Islam and violence, particularly with regard to jihad, or holy war and although the entire mid west is watching it, this Pakistan parliament is commenting on it. Don’t you guys have enough work then watching what Pope comments? Pope’s always says there shouldn’t be aggressiveness in any religions. But without aggressiveness no religion grows beyond a boundary. Because of aggressiveness Christianity has grown, but when it comes to other religions they alwayz preach.

Sachin’s Special innings The manner in which Tendulkar had announced his return to the fray, awful. Unlucky, with the rain, India lost the game. Lets watch out Mcgrath Vs Tendulkar.

Don’t blame us for every terrorist attack, says Kasuri Yes we still stop blaming Pakistan, once the country is eradicated from the world map, Mr. Kasuri, do some useful stuffs in building the relationships, rather than playing this intelligent games.

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