PDA Girls

Thailand’s Nok Air is hiring girls to hold personal digital assistants (PDAs) that are used to help check-in passengers that only have carry-on bags.

PDA’s are comparitively cheap and is very efficient and you don’t need to invest in self service check-in’s.
Some of the private Indian Airlines can learn the trick and save costs.

Hey, the girls looks prettier with the tag – PDA girls..hehe




GM-Ford talks of Merger?

GM & Ford are talking of Merger – Well, Well, Well – This is big. If it happens.
I donno how feasible it would practically be. Integration is not quite easy. But they could save lot of costs if they merge and procure auto parts jointly. Lets see how the game unfolds.



DLF Cup – India’s chances?

West Indies brought a stunning performance yesterday in the DLF Cup to beat Australia and marched into the finals. Luck is playing a big part in the tournament. India lost to WI by D/L method due to Rain and India gained 2 points by the same D/L method against Australia. And India now needs to win both there remaining matches to get a berth into finals. One against West Indies on Wednesday and another against Australia on friday? Can India break the jinx? Lets keep our hopes alive.

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