Team Building Picnic

We went on a Team Building Picnic yesterday to an nearby city park and we had loads of fun playing around and socializing with each other. We had games conducted and I ended up winning in couple of them and brought home some gift cards which includes a pair of movie tickets, so we went on to
"SuperMan Returns" Movie yesterday and ended the day. Playing around after lot of time has given me a thigh pain which I require atleast two days rest to get rid of it.


ItwoFS – Inspirations in Indian Film Songs!

ItwoFS – Interesting site on Similar sounding songs!

As the official word says,the motive of this site is straight and simple

"To provide a comprehensive list of musical inspirations (sometimes subtle and intelligent but mostly downright shameless copying!) of Indian film music composers".

All big guns including ARR, Ilayaraja are blasted here.

BEST buses in Maharashtra to include surveillence Cameras

BEST decision to add bomb resistant surveillance cameras in its buses in Maharashtra is a welcome decision. Even the Railways should emulate the same as this would greatly help the investigation agency aftermath. This should be implemented particularly in all the major metros as they are the targets always. The Terrorists always targets Major Metros, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore which clearly shows they are dragging for attention which we fail to give to them. In one country its called independence struggle is another country its called terrorrism. whatever the way we can’t allow some organisation to harm the unarmed civilians. If you have guts go fight with the armed forces and just dont trouble civilians and if you continue to do this, you never going to win your case.

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