BEST buses in Maharashtra to include surveillence Cameras

BEST decision to add bomb resistant surveillance cameras in its buses in Maharashtra is a welcome decision. Even the Railways should emulate the same as this would greatly help the investigation agency aftermath. This should be implemented particularly in all the major metros as they are the targets always. The Terrorists always targets Major Metros, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore which clearly shows they are dragging for attention which we fail to give to them. In one country its called independence struggle is another country its called terrorrism. whatever the way we can’t allow some organisation to harm the unarmed civilians. If you have guts go fight with the armed forces and just dont trouble civilians and if you continue to do this, you never going to win your case.


2 thoughts on “BEST buses in Maharashtra to include surveillence Cameras”

  1. Bangaloe is no more a safe place to live. Especially for the people working in IT Industry. THer are quite a lot of Mug incidents and theft atempts reported almost every week. Really speaking, I’m really scared to walk back home from from my office during mid nights… as the area in which I stay is one of the areas ment for Mug incidents……….! 😦

    Will the Karnataka Goverment / Police will do anything for this??????

  2. Siva I understand this mug and theft incident more, becas I myself lost around Rs.40,000 in Commercial street, while I was there in 2003. I went to the Police station to complain and what I heard from the talk was these policemen were very well aware of the local gangs/thiefs and just partnering with them to make money. Hope the State Government corrects this corruptive task force in place.

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