India’s wounded pride

Terrible week for India, back to back disaster with Agni III and INSAT 4C followed up with serial blasts in Mumbai and Srinagar. Am sure India will arise back from the wounded pride with Agni III and INSAT 4C within few months. But wat could be the answers for People who unnecessarily died with this barbaric serial blasts in Mumbai and Srinagar. People who are responsible for it should be brought to justice, unlike the 1991 serial blasts where the responsible criminal hided out in Pakistan and still living, this time we should nab the responsible and get them to justice. If they escape it to neighboring countries, assign the job to Intelligence Agency RAW, hunt them down and finish them off once and forever.
God Bless India!!!


2 thoughts on “India’s wounded pride”

  1. Hand over Dawood Ibrahim, says India –
    Well well, again they are trying through diplomacy, but whats the use in trying diplomacy to a nation, which stops hearing you for long time? So, you can’t attack PoK because you have a fear it will trigger Nuclear War in South East Asia, fine then why do you want to engage yourself in dialogue? Make it clear to them, Hand over these rogues who are in your nation and then come to the dialogue table, if they don’t listen to you Diplomacy is to make the world tell them in the way they want.

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