Hustle, Grind, Execute

What pushes you to want to succeed?


You make a bet even when you don’t make a bet!

The rules of business are changing dramatically. The profound shifts in attitudes and mindsets are redefining our notions of what constitutes business success. In Business, there are always milestones but no finish line. As a Leader you have to deliver results day in, day out, relentlessly and consistently. This is because delivering results is what gives an organization energy, builds confidence, and generates resources to go forward. What’s the Strategic Pragmatism to deliver?

As Ram charan calls it in his book ‘Rethinking Competitive Advantage’, whether you’re a CEO, the head of a department, or someone just starting out in your career and hoping to advance, you must be a leader of the business and a leader of people. A leader of the business knows what to do. A leader of people knows how to get it done. 

You make a bet even when you don’t make a bet! Have the courage and conviction to provide focus to succeed and that’s the only rules of business that’s constant.

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