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Hope Theory

Life is complicated. It throws bricks, sand and large complex problems at us at different periods. Achieving your life’s goals despite adversity is in our human nature and all you need is high-Hope. Hope always sustains your motivation.

Hope Theory

Low-Hope people tend to quit and they don’t recognize that Hope is their valuable asset. You Don’t want to be that person.

According to Hope Theory, ‘We can control the outcomes in our future’. In fact we can create a future much better than the past. But how?

By applying the proper mental strategies. In 1991, Charles Snyder developed this Hope Theory through research – Read Snyder’s ‘The Psychology of Hope: You can get there from here’

Remember Hope always opens doors you would never see.

New Year Resolutions

Am excited and looking forward to new beginnings in 2013. Just sent out this greetings messages email earlier to all my friends, as am traveling this last week of the year. Here is my New Year Wishes to all my Blog readers here.
New Year 2013

Am publishing my personal New Year goals here, so that I stick to it through out 2013, and if not anyone can come and shame on me.

  • Spend more time with family
  • Lose weight
  • Start exercising
  • Sleep early
  • Take vacation
  • Make more & Save Money
  • Stick to Resolutions















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