Serendipity Engine

Every success story involves some amount of luck. Serendipity– Occurrence of events on randomness leading to positive outcomes. Serendipity is ultimately a skill one should cultivate- the engineering of your own luck. In fact serendipity is what sets up apart- it’s the only way we can discover an approach that is not obvious or logical. But how do we become a serendipity engine?

1. Being open-minded pragmatists who search relentlessly for ways to improve attracts opportunities of luck. Roam far and wide in a quest for better ways to think and make smart decisions. You will strike luck.

2. Work like a Lion Wait, Sprint, Rest, Repeat.

3. Arena Razor It’s scary and lonely in the arena – but it’s where the growth happens. Always choose the path that puts you in the arena rather than the sidelines.

Expand your horizons and never underestimate the density of opportunity that lies ahead. Your career, life can change in a single moment. Make sure to seize it.

Five Stages – DABDA

We all have 5 stages of defense mechanisms to changes. They are famously laid out as DABDA or Kubler-Ross Change Curve.

What is DABDA? – Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance


Change is hard for nearly everyone, so embrace it and know it’s all part of your growth. Give yourself grace to move through Kubler-Ross Change Curve.

Era of Unknown Unknowns

We are living in the era of Unknown Unknowns. No Presidents, Billionaires, CEO’s, Virologists, Economists could have predicted how the COVID-19 pandemic would affect or change the world. Predicting pandemic end is fools errand in today’s world that is continuously seeing new variants. The world today is made open by the virus and more connected by digital technologies.

How do one survive in today’s world if you are in business? In this era being grounded with moral purpose of offering and serving value for our customers, investors , employees, partners and contributing to society are keys to cope with this complexity and embrace dynamics.

No one can survive longer in business if they lose this moral purpose compass. Take life forward.

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