Jawed Karim:The Next Billionaire

Jawed Karim (born to Bangladeshi father and German mother) is the co-founder of the popular video sharing website YouTube, which was recently acquired by Google for a whopping $1.6 billion.

180pxjawedkarim While working at PayPal, he met Chad Hurley and Steve Chen. The three later founded the YouTube video sharing website in 2005. After co-founding the company, Karim opted out of full-time involvement and acted as an advisor to YouTube. He then enrolled as a graduate student in computer science at Stanford University. He hit an Internet jackpot in 2002 when PayPal, the online payment company he had joined early on, was bought by eBay and he made couple of millions of dollars there.
And back now he is one of the Youtube’s largest share holders, next only to Chad and Steve and with a billion dollar sale, his share is way bigger.

Check his personal website Jawed.com


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