Siachen: The World’s Highest battleground

Siachen located in North Pakistan and India is undoubdtfully the highest battlefield in the world and is known as the largest glacier in the world outside the Polar Regions.
   At 6,300 meters(20,700 feet) India controls these breathless heights at an estimated cost of up to $1 million a day. India defeated Pakistan troops and occupied  the siachen glacier in 1984. The high
cost of spending is due to logistical and physical challenge of supplying
troops at sub-zero conditions.

The only option is airlifting the troops and supplies in specialized helicopters and thus the high cost of spending. But the Siachen glacier is strategically important for India to keep a vigil on Pakistan and china. Everything including toothpastes freezes in the tube, and the temperature can leave scores dead. But if you were able to survive a three months in this high front line, then your military career will have a big boost. The cold winter temperatures have claimed more lives than gunfire. The World’s highest helipad exists here at sonam at above 20,000 feet. For US readers, simple similar comparison is Alaska and thats the reason India and US forces are to hold joint mountain-warfare exercises in Alaska next year.As Winter is already in, India would be gearing to face the winter with its brave warriors in Siachen.
        My take, India shouldn’t demilitarize this zone at any cost unless Pakistan stops aiding and abetting terrorists and a permanent solution is drawn to the Pakistan side of the Kashmir.

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