Pakistan asks NATO to surrender?

Read this Telegraph Article –  Accept defeat by Taliban, Pakistan tells Nato . It’s very funny to read some of Kasuri, Pakistan Foreign Minister statements. He spread all rumours on foreign diplomacy, he priorly stated India has agreed to withdraw troops from siachen, which later India declined and now he asks NATO to surrender and accept defeat to Taliban.
Mr Foreign Minister remember this famous Jefferson words,

"Whenever you do a thing, act as if the entire world were watching."

I can understand why Pakistan and its Ministers wants to neglect Hamid Karzai, Afghan President from the Afghan government, they would like to reinstall their Taliban proxy in Afghanistan so as to safeguard themselves from India’s intelliegence agencies operating from Afghanistan.


India’s Missile Interceptor Test

India Conducted Missile Interceptor test on Monday, with this they say India acquired Air defence against Ballistic Missiles. Although India has been struggling even with operation production of Trishul Missile, Analysts highly doubt how they developed the Interceptor so quickly. High speculation is that its an acquired technology. If its an indigenous technology, it may take many years for the Interceptor to be operational. I would highly expect India to acquire missile defence and ballistic missiles ASAP to protect its metro from its neighbours who are highly motive.

Adobe Developer Olympiad for Students in India

Adobe has set up a Developer Olympiad Contest for students in India. If you’re pursuing a degree in any stream (full-time) from a recognised university, you could spend some time over the next four months building something cool in Flex & Coldfusion and walk away with a prize of fifty thousand rupees!

More details here

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