Stop Terrorism Against India, US tells Pakistan

Stop Terrorism Against India, US tells Pakistan –  Calling terrorism as Freedom Movement, that’s what Pakistan is successfully doing so far – Does US buying this theory? If US today accepts what’s going on in Kashmir as a Freedom movement, then tomorrow when US is under attack, India will call it the same. India needs to do a hard talk to the International community particularly to US on this issue.
     India has been the victim of the double standards followed by the international community and the United Nations in matters relating to State-sponsored terrorism directed against them.They neither allow India to act against the State-sponsors nor do they themselves act against them. I believe the main reason why India has not yet been able to effectively put an end to jihadi terrorism against it and its civilians sponsored by the Pakistani Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) is because India’s counter-terrorism operations are directed only against the terrorists operating in its territory. They are not yet directed against the State sponsoring them i.e. the State of Pakistan. It’s high time India teaches a hard lesson to Pakistan that State-sponsored terrorism would not pay by taking political, military, para-military and economic measures.

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