tamil movie at theater after our marriage..!

Sillnu Oru Kadhal was the movie. I wanted to see in theater as it was Rehman’s music and also read the review that it was good and the movie was quite colorful so when it got released I started asking my husband to take me for that movie I tried to go in the first week itself but unfortunately the show was only in san jose , which is almost 5 hrs drive from our home ..so i waited for another week which was screened on Friday just 20 mins drive from our home so I immediately called the theater and asked for tickets and they said it is available and u know the show time was night 11 and also the other shows were on sat and sun but my husband said lets go today and we started for the movie for the night 11 show..

yes it was a nice movie I liked it surya,jyothika and boomika did there best a cute performance by the little girl who is familiar with her adds on TV..she was the cute ..I loved 2 songs which really makes me to utter maja maja and newyork nagaram..lovely melodies ..to tell u all it was 2 and half hour shows which really made me forget that I was in LA u know why bcos the whole crowd which was in theater was just whistling and commenting and gave me the ambience of Chennai.. we enjoyed those comments too.totally not to bore u all but just to share that it was the time I just enjoyed 2 and half hours but behind all this happiness my husband had a bad neck sprain but he dint want me to get disappointed and took me to this show for just my enjoyment………

so I would love to dedicate both the songs to my loveing husband…..

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3 thoughts on “tamil movie at theater after our marriage..!”

  1. thanks shiva anna.. and also congrats on the good news ….engaluku speacial treat veynum india varapo………enoda best wishes to both of u ….enoda speacial hi kalyana ponuku….

  2. Thank you. I will convey your wishes to her.

    When are you coming to india? Let me know. We are waiting for you… to give a BIG BIG party!!!!!


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