Samsung SGH-T809

I have been looking to Upgrade my phone and one Model that I would like to have is Samsung SGH-T809
Some of the features this model includes:
~ Bluetooth enabled
~ 1.3-megapixel camera
MP3 Player with Stereo Speakers
~ Speakerphone
~ Multiple Messaging
~ Video Media Player


Am reviewing the reviewers view on the phone. Let me know if you knew anything on this model.


4 thoughts on “Samsung SGH-T809”

  1. Jag,

    Try out Nokia 6270. That has allmthe above features and it has 2 MP camera. Only con is that it is a Java based phone (Not having Symbian OS). Hence you may not be able to install many Mobile s/w avaliable in internet. apart from that it is a very good phone.

    Or else you can also try Nokia 3250, which has all above features, 2 MP camera and it runs on Symbian OS (smart phone)

  2. Indians alwyz prefers Nokia, donno why.
    I see lot of advt for N Series in Indian channels. But isn’t it a failure model from Nokia?

    Nokia 6270 seems to be a good phone the slide model looks good. 3250 looks like a cubic, two advanced design from Nokia.

  3. N Series is ofcourse a failure model. All other models are phones which have MP3 player, camera and others.

    But N series is a Gaming machine and MP3 player in which can ALSO be used as a phone

    I’m using 6270, and it is good. Infact 6280 have all featuers as 6270 and additional features too.. like 3G, two way video conferencing etc…

    The only drawback that I see in these 2 models is that these are running on Nokia OS, Java based. There are plenty of applications for mobile which cannot be used in this mobile as because of this. All these applications are developed for Smart Phones, which run Symbian OS or alike

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