First Crab of my Life

Isn’t it sad how, when you get older, vacations are suddenly a lot shorter? True, you get to appreciate the time much more (because you have so little of it when you work full time) but it just flies by and the point of visiting relatives and enjoying the vacations gets lost somewhere along the way. But we were fortunate enough as our close relatives – My Sister-in-law and Aunt,who are just 6 hours away from us(by flight) visited our home last week.We spent a good time together, we went to temples,beaches and restaurants. And the major thing is, I ate the first crab of my life, yes my Aunt cooked lovely crab for me. Man!! it just sounds like fish and I bet you need hell lot of patience to crack the shell out. I do love it though. I would like to try it again, if my wife is patient enough to cook for me else need to wait for my Aunt visit again.They made us great Indian sweets and brought us some home made Indian Butter biscuits (but it doesn’t have butter in it, funny name though), which I emptied in 5 days. My wife stole the recipe from her mum now and hope I will be able to taste more and more in future. Time for us to visit them, that will be a welcome vacation for us.


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