Our first Movie together after Marriage

Last evening, we watched our first Movie as couples after 8 months of marriage. Oh! No, don’t ask me why I didn’t take my wife to a movie for so long, we planned for couple of times, when we were in Chennai last year and also after coming here, but didn’t implemented it. Yesterday we took Mum to Universal Studios and in the evening while returning, we thought of watching the movie, "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest". I heard a bad review of this movie from a friend, Annamalai and I thought I may be in for a disappointment. How wrong I was.
Gore Verbinski, the director really rocked. The special effects are astonishing, the music is inspiring, All in the end, we liked it very much for its endless jokes.


4 thoughts on “Our first Movie together after Marriage”

  1. 2 bad. u know myself & guhi will go atleast 4 1 picture once in a week after our fix.
    how is ur wife tolerating..
    appa ithu nallathu illa,

  2. Pirates was good. Went to see it yesterday. Johnny Depp is reason enough to see it…

    OKie now you’ve gotta drag the misses to a ballet ;o)


    Dude!Jaggy you can’t use words like “implementation” ;P that’s nerd speak lol .. sorry 😀

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