Auto Insurance

Switched my auto insurance carrier today, as per friends advise. He indeed suggested to go to the specialist brokers as he did and strike a deal, I did exactly the same, the specialists simply compared 30 licensed insurer and gave me a best deal. Again it saved me hundreds of dollars on insurance premiums with a good rise in deductibles on collision and comprehensive coverage. she took the car pictures herself and got it approved instantly. Need to learn the laws of money. present value formula and future value formula from people it will always excites me.
I was so tired today, got a decent sleep after coming up from office. Will catch up sleep again now..


4 thoughts on “Auto Insurance”

  1. romba nalla vey nee rasanai oda nee mail paani photo ellam irruku


    unnoda villan

    ramdas r.


  2. Rather puzzled how you saved money by going to a specialist car insurer…
    is your car “special”, I mean is it custom built etc?
    I save a lot of money with AA insurance, so far they have given me better deals than the women only insurers, specially due to age.
    I always felt that the age bias was so wrong. Especially wehn I drive more safely than the grannies on the road who don’t even stop at zebra crossings
    strange world

    but could you pls explain to me what a specialist insurer is?


  3. Bluey,
    what this specialists does is, compare 30+ insurance companies, and strike us a better deal by getting us in there special rate, availing professional , good driver, graduate discount etc., since am not aware on how to reduce the premium (earlier times, i sign up directly with the company), these specialists ofcrse charge but its affordable and in return they get us good discounts and better coverage.Again Information is the power.

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