New Week, New Tasks..

New week begins tomorrow, I have 5 things  in my Master Task list to do this week in office.

And last weekend, I was involved in Apartment hunting, my office colleague with his family (He and his 2 kids along with his wife ) joined in as they too  in search for an apartment and to be frank, I hate apartment hunting. we were roaming for apartments in my car and sad thing they learnt is they ought to take an 2 Bedroom Apartment in this part of the world, they have a 6 month baby and the Apartment people are so strict, they are saying 4 in family goes in 2 BDR. He is left with no other option here. One funny thing happened when we entered an Luxury Apartment, we were looking for an Manager there, and an senior guy helped us find the manager, I was stunned seeing the Manager, she is a blonde girl, her outfit made my jaws open and she gave her hands introducing her, I was so happy to lend mine and then we followed her into her office, there my colleague’s kid was playing arnd tht window, and she was so worried, she asked my colleague to take the kid out from there, my colleague’s wife got irritated and took the kid out and my colleague too went out, I should have left but to be frank I was so interested in talking to her then checking the apartment, I started asking lot of questions on the apartment and she was happily answering all the questions and then she took me to the vacant apartment to show up, she was worried abt the new carpet and asked me not to walk on it as it is new, and she too didnt walk on it, I started flattering her after that and she started blushing, and half an hour went in there, my colleague outside got irritated gave me a call in my mobile, asking "Are you taking up the apartment?" , I said "No, will be there in 5 mins".  Told her will get back next week, she said "Jag, it was nice talking to you, hope to c you around here next week".

Also spoke to my uncle’s family back in Mumbai, after a long time, happy feeling around that. They asked me to take help of his Doctor friend who is around here, just delaying up calling his friend,  just want to do on my course.

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