Indian Restaurant Girl..

Today afternoon went for lunch to an Indian Restaurant (since my colleagues gave star rating to it but they warned me of delay in service becas of crowd, thought of trying it out). I went alone and as soon as I entered the restaurant this waiter girl (ofcrse an Indian girl) gave an instant Hi with real cute smile, I heard waiters saying Hello and asking how many persons to arrange for sitting. But this girl started differently and am flattered, she guided me to the table and gave the menu card and again she came near me to take the orders, since I already decided what to order, told her and she noted it and again killed with the same cute smile, this time I don’t want her to let go so soon, so I asked her, "How many Min’s do you think it will take?" she said, "may be 15 Min’s, since we have orders from other tables to serve", I asked her "Can you make it faster for me". She said, " sure, I will give a try".  In the next 4th minute, I got my ordered food. I told her this is lightening fast and she said, can you see lot of ppl waiting in other tables, I asked them to make it faster specifically for you. Again am flattered. I said "Thank you very much", and I asked "you are from which part of India?" she said she is from Punjab and I asked her name and asked where she lives and how long she works here. She was answering all of it and while leaving, I kept fair amount of money as her tip. What a cute smile she gave me, still in eyes.

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