Quake Quake..

Today afternoon quake measuring 5.5 Richter scale hitted, felt it  for milliseconds, shake shake, pc’s shaking, glasses shaking, things moving, terrible experience…

This CNN News gives all the ford’s owners a deep fear for sure. In India, I remember similar problem occured with another company and they called back, some years ago Toyoto recalled thousands of its vehicles and now Ford’s turn, real bad news for the declining auto major company.

The Hindu has mentioned that after Blogger’s meet, Karthik married the other blogger who turned up to the meet, I wanted to make sure whether the news is right and posted in his blog’s comment section and today got the reply from him, he replied yes. How sweet it was, still wondering how it all happened, need to ask a seperate blog from him.

Today my colleague came to office walking slightly different with a pain in his legs, we asked him what happened, he replied, his neighbours dog chased him and he falled down, we got shocked, I immediately asked him " you could have sued him", then he said, no the dog owner asked me not to run, he said it wont do anything, I got afraid and ran and falled down. We definitely couldnt stop laughing, but poor guy.

Here Again Google comes back with its mobile version after its Dodgeball acquisition, check this out Mobile Google.

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