Atlast own this device now.

My Mobile contract with AT&T wireless ended last year and I was exploring new plans with each provider and atlast settled with T-Mobile. Anyway New Service comes with New Phone, and my Keypad in my current Nokia 6820 is giving me hard time. So thought of repairing it but it sounded costly affair, so went for a new phone.

So Signed up an 1 year contract with T-mobile and paid a good sum of money to bring home this wonderful Blackberry 7290 handheld device. This T-mobile plan is much more cheaper than AT&T ( Seriously, I really need those extra minutes, as my mobile is one of the highest among my close circuit of friends).
This Blackberry has a good QWERTY keyboard (just as my 6820,which I love it) and the resolution is really high and comes with a 32 MB memory. It has a bluetooth capability which I really use while driving around with my wireless handset. I promise I use it as my phone, my email device, my calendar; address book, memo pad, task list, etc..(as all know am very disorganised person).I already started configuring my emails and need to receive few PIM handheld software from office to organise my business e-mail. Since its an quadband phone, GSM 850/900/1800/1900, hope it works everywhere I travel. one minus point I found is the web browsing is damn slow, but it can be configured upto 10 of your business and internet e-mail accounts.

Overall a nice e-mail phone.



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