Spyware Attack…

My Laptop was infected with Look2me worm for the past 1 week,

Look2Me is an advertising and information network that uses a shell extension to attach itself to Windows and display pop up advertising for its clients. It monitors visited web sites and submits this information to a server.

It has been so annoying as popup advertisements and browser hijacks has been happening each and every minute and none of the anti-virus or anti-spyware tools like  Adware,  Spybot, Microsoft Antispyware can cure it permanently, then I seeked the help of Richie from Tweaks.com and he was really quick in identifying the problem with my Hijack log and suggested the proper worm removal tool to get rid of it.

Thanks to Richie now the system is fully cured.

Happy Birthday Jag!!

Happy Birthday Jag!! Happy Birthday Jag!!
Just want to take a moment and hum "Happy Birthday" to myself.
Yep,Tomorrow is my birthday.
Me and my wife planning for a small celebration, as its my first birthday after marriage. Hope to have loads of fun.

Well, Check out the Dolphin Show Video we shooted last sunday in Seaworld, San Diego.

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Slingbox_3Heard of Slingbox ? Well, its one of the innovative Set-top box invention right now in US.

It transforms your Windows XP based PCs and laptops into personal on-the-go digital TVs, it allows individuals anywhere-anytime access to their own living room television experience with no additional monthly service fees, the Slingbox turns any Internet-connected laptop or desktop PC into a personal TV. The Slingbox redirects, or "placeshifts", a single live TV stream from a cable box, satellite receiver, or DVR to the viewer’s PC located anywhere in the home. If the Slingbox is coupled with a broadband Internet connection, the viewer’s live TV stream can be "placeshifted" via the Internet to a PC located anywhere in the world. Imagine if am able to watch my home  or my favorite TV channels back in India sitting here with my Laptop in US, how lovely it would be.

[Sling in Action]
SlingactionYou knew how much it costs? Its just $199.

The challenge to the Slingbox right now is copyright-related and contractual.

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