Beyond cellphone..

For the past 2 weeks  am not using my cellphone, and am getting lot of scoldings from my friends and relatives. This slice of life, without cellphone is good too, before 6 months I felt am too much addicted to cellphone, well my bills said the same too. Now am feeling happy that I can come out of that habit but it really hurts when friends scold me for this (they think I changed the number, and not giving them the new one).
Yesterday my wife laughed at me like anything as one of my close friend, Jayandan who works in Indian Air force, came online and started scolding me so badly (with all bad words in tamil 😉 ) as I haven’t invited him to my marriage, ofcourse he is right, I forgot to invite him, infact I forgot to invite lot of close friends which is really bad. I would really like to go back and correct this mistake, huh what to do, marriage is over. He is one person who repeatedly asks me to write a book on our Bangalore Life, as we really enjoyed those days, I used to visit him in the airforce academy every other weekend and he used to visit my home there often and we used to chit chat for longer and longer hours and ofcourse our own mischiefs with friends and our nightlife after 10 PM there.
Years ran faster he is in Rajasthan serving for the country in the Indian Airforce, and am here in US working hard to better my life 😉


Am back..

Am back.Hope all are doing great.
It’s nearly a month since I blogged, well I changed my job and moved to a different city and it all occupied my time. Will be back to active blogging from now on.

Well tried translating a Tamil short pickup line. Check this..

Man: Give it back
Woman: Give what back?
Man: My breath

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