.99 cents stores

We often visit .99 cents only stores. I was interested in thrifting, but never took time to explore it. My Wife is the one, who is very much interested in exploring this .99 cents stores, she is the one who patronises the local .99 cents only stores and each time we visit there, she is able to dig and pull out few good household stuffs.
The Merchandise store is a Mini Super Market, where we find all our basic household requirements like gardening, toys, decorative items, cheapĀ  cooking utensils etc., getting fulfilled.

Heard 99 Rs. only/- shop is getting famous in India too.
Whether you patronise or not, keep digging is the mantra in each such stores.
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The Weekend

Saturday was spent tooling around town, running countless errands and spending oodles of money on clothes, house-hold items and whatever other mish mash we picked up at malls.Sunday was quite lazy, watching one movie after the other, having foods and enjoying quite naps. The week after we will be travelling to Phoenix on an official trip. I got my Oil Service done for my car this week, it was rather quick this time because of our vegas trip, driving up work and back everyday, it does need quick maintenance then and there. Nothing more to add on my personal chores.
Glad, monday is back and a lengthy task lists awaits me this week. Lets all have a lovely weekahead.

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