Built an Aquarium at home..

We built an Mini-Aquarium at home few weeks before and placed it in our living room.
[My Mini-Aquarium View]
Dsc01119  Being a Novice with fishes, my wife helped me select the fishes, she is an advanced fish-keeping hobbyist. Thankfully as far as the community fishes, the choice is wide, we hand picked community fishes like Tetras, Mollies,platy. The size of the tank we picked is 50 litres in capacity,and have proper filtration setted up and also the heater and gave the completion with lights,sands and plants. But after I advance in the hobby, I may decide to become a purist in selecting fishes from different parts of the world.

"Happy Tamil New Year!!" to all the Tamilians who read this blog,lets have an wonderful year ahead.

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