Hello Everyone! I would like to let you all knew that am getting married to a  beautiful and wonderful woman – Srujana on 12 th Dec this year in Chennai. This is going to be the most personal things I ever been in my life. To those of you who knew me personally, " I can’t wait to see you guys there"
To rest of them, " Wish us luck!! "


Laptop Security prevents Laptop theft?

Recently one of my friend returned home in the evening to find out that her New Toshiba Laptop which she uses for her personal usage got stolen. The headache is she has stored all her SSN, Bank details in it and ended up calling the credit agency  and banks to monitor the usage of her SSN and bank accounts.
And today I got a mail from my company security department to install the Computrace software in the business laptop they had given me as part of the compliance. I was just curious to knew about the available softwares for laptop security and how they work.
It seems these software installs a software tracking code in the laptop’s hard drive and they electronically trace it when its stolen. It’s just a lojack for the laptop. Here on the available companies that offers these solutions. Cyberangel work when the laptop connects to the Internet and secretly reports the location of the laptop. Computrace Personal offers a similar service through a three year contract and agrees to pay up to $1000 if your notebook computer is not recovered in thirty days. Ztrace is a company offering an interesting twist to laptop tracking. They offer a facility to remotely delete or encrypt sensitive files on your laptop after it is stolen. I have no idea on How reliable they are.

Hanuman – Super Hero

Sahara one motion pictures, is coming up with Hanuman – a new Animated home grown animated movie.

Hanuman "Hanuman is like a super superhero. We have tried to go beyond Superman," director V.G. Samant told The Press.

         We were not captivated by Animation movie so far but when the real hero strikes we might change. Lets wait for him. Jai Hanuman!!

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