Diwali@Deepavali which is celebrated in all Hindu Households is approaching on Nov 1st this year. It’s one of the festivals widely celebrated across India in different forms though.
I do have Nice Nostalgic memories of Diwali..
~ Wake up early to blast the crackers infact will be the first in the street, mostly will start of the day with a 10000 wala.
~ Then Amma will make me have oil and shika bath.
~ Father will do Pooja and then give us the new dresses and its happy time for us as he gives lot of money on tht day when we touches his feet to get his blessings, but mostly it will be fresh currency notes.
~ Then We will be calling up friends and relatives wishing Happy Diwali.
~ If that year a New Rajini kanth movie releases up friends will some how get the ticket for the evening shows, and we will be there.

I knew its fun time for all the newly weds,brides will be invited to the’r parents house along with the’r husbands and will be poured with gifts. Even I need lot of gifts, donno whether I will get nextyear atlst Emotionwink_1

Big Boys Vs Indian Companies..

Whenever some of my friends in India ask me for suggestions in taking up the offers, it leaves me puzzling. Most of the offers will come from big boys like $96.29 billion IBM Corp, $20.67 billion Electronic Data Systems Corp, and $13.67 billion Accenture Ltd, Vs Indian boys like $1+ billion+ Wipro, TCS or Infosys.
Mostly I advise them to take up the big boys offer as most of these  companies offer very good salaries coupled with very good work culture and they get a chance to work with very good clients.
I may be wrong in some sectors, as more and more Indian companies jumping on to high end consulting now and bagging very big clienteles to their portfolios. So Which one will you suggest?


Today was browsing thru the Ramayan thread in Geetham. Our Silicx kindled the Older Nostalgic memories of my younger days. Those were the days of Doordarshan, you have no other choice and we used to watch all the programs from Morning to Evening 6-12 is the broadcast timings if I remember correctly. Fridays & Sundays are special treats those days. Friday is known for Oliyum Oliyum where all the newer songs will be broadcasted arnd 7:30-8:30 for an hour with all the advertisements running inbetween. Saturday is the day for an Hindi Movie in the evening and mostly I remember seeing Dharmendra’s movies and Sunday is my day, will wake up early to watchup cartoon He-man and Masters of the Universe, its an lightly animated action series .IndexcmotuEvery week there will be a new series, some will continue for 2-4 weeks.I remember Masks of Power, Dragon’s Invasion, Time corridor.
  We really enjoyed these series those days, donno the kids now will even sit and watch it patiently.All these series will end up with moral and the next day i.e., Monday. we used to talk, talk about it for the entire day. Then came Cricket, which occupied almost the entire school days talks.

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