Today was browsing thru the Ramayan thread in Geetham. Our Silicx kindled the Older Nostalgic memories of my younger days. Those were the days of Doordarshan, you have no other choice and we used to watch all the programs from Morning to Evening 6-12 is the broadcast timings if I remember correctly. Fridays & Sundays are special treats those days. Friday is known for Oliyum Oliyum where all the newer songs will be broadcasted arnd 7:30-8:30 for an hour with all the advertisements running inbetween. Saturday is the day for an Hindi Movie in the evening and mostly I remember seeing Dharmendra’s movies and Sunday is my day, will wake up early to watchup cartoon He-man and Masters of the Universe, its an lightly animated action series .IndexcmotuEvery week there will be a new series, some will continue for 2-4 weeks.I remember Masks of Power, Dragon’s Invasion, Time corridor.
  We really enjoyed these series those days, donno the kids now will even sit and watch it patiently.All these series will end up with moral and the next day i.e., Monday. we used to talk, talk about it for the entire day. Then came Cricket, which occupied almost the entire school days talks.


One thought on “He-man”

  1. Doordarshan nostalgia’va. I feel DD was a lot better in providing more wholesome entertainment in one channel than mordern day cable TV. Even in the entertainment sector, I hardly find any variety in soaps these days, DD was much better that way, we had a lot of variety. Heck, I even watched Junoon the whole 4 years (eventhough it was abruptly shelved). I was’nt able to watch any of the SUN TV megaserial when I used to have it.

    I once saw He-man in the US too, it kind of lacked some charm that we had in the ‘desi’ version.

    DD nostalgia is a never ending story, you can keep on writing about it, and still keeps coming 🙂

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