Miraculous death escape…

Today me got into a bad accident, the mexican guy skipped the red signal and hitted the car before me and then mine and stopped. The car before me escaped with slight right side hit and me & my car bared the full blow. My car skidded for thrice and stopped,  it was  badly injured on the right. The Cop said am lucky enough to have escaped with minor injuries. My Doctor gave me some stiches now and am getting all fine now, never laid on bed so early but today I have no other option. My claim from his insurance stuff is being taken care. I couldnt breath when the car stopped, i could c bloods coming out and to be frank it was real scary.  It seems God has permitted me to live some more days, real miraculous escape.


6 thoughts on “Miraculous death escape…”

  1. Thank God you are Alive!
    Take care of your health.
    Does your Mom know about this?
    I have a news. Vijay has become Father of Girl child!

  2. Iam really very sorry hear that u have met with an accident.
    Pls be careful while driving.
    See, only one time u can live ur life.
    So bettet hereafter don’t take wild chances.
    I was worried a little bit u know.
    Pls be careful . Life will n’t be same always.
    U pls drive slowly..
    The mistake could be from other guy, but who suffers.
    U can’t take these sort of things lighty.
    Better take enough rest.
    If possible go to some temple for ur well being.
    Do some pujas in ur name.
    Or visit some anuman temple.
    U pls tie some samikayur in ur hand.
    There can be some kanthisti.
    So take some redchillies and put it in the oil and throw it in soil.
    I may be wrong or u pls consult ur mother.
    I will consult my mother and tell the right thing..
    Take some camper and burn it .
    Sit in a floor and Tell some of ur pal to round it around you .
    And u can try like spliting “thu thu” and throw it some where and don’t see the flame.
    I think this is rightofcourse.

    This may be funny to u.
    But I believe in this.
    So y not give a try.

    One small suggestion…

    U pls have a thirunuru or kumkum on ur face , while u go out.
    Also while sleeping pls pray to god…

    Pls don’t take these things slightly.
    This can help u in many ways.

    Nee un vaya korachala ellam sariyayidumnu neenikiran..
    Ehoo oru ponnu vitta sapama kooda irukalam…

    Hey, don’t take it seriously.
    I was kidding.
    To make u laugh I typed this things.
    Olanga vandiya ottama , pakathila ethavathu ponnna pathidu perirpa..

    Ok ok..
    This is also for fun

    Nala thoonki rest edu cheriya.
    Na unaku nalliku kaliyila call panerean,
    Na sona ellathiyum inamae nala puliya follow panu cheriya.

    Pls da,
    Nala payana sonapadi kellu.
    Nee vediku ore payanla.
    Unamma pathukanum illa..

    Un a mathiri oru nalla friend enuku ururoda irukanumae.

    Ok da , engalukaka inamae samathupayana iruda..
    Pls.. Lend ur ears to my words…

    Take care,
    Bye bye………………….

  3. Hmmm…

    Evano red signal cross panninathula nee accidnt-la matikittae. Ethu than ketta neram-garathu. Thank God. Perusa onnum agalai. Ethukkum kovilukku poittu vaa.

    Appuram, chumma nadu rathri 12, 1 mani varikkum chat pannittu yerukathae. Nalla thungu.

    Will call you some time later today. It has been a long time since I spoke to you and Malai. Vanumna apple, orange, horlicks ellam courier panattuma 😉

    Take Care da… bye

  4. oh god jaggy.. r u ok now? thank god ur ok after the horrific accident (based on wat u said) … be careful ok… i got a shock when i saw it… drive carefully next time.. hope ur car is insured.. is he(thecar) in bad condition?? 😦 anyway..takecare.. n careful ok 😉 cheers mate 😀

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