Vivek Paul

Have been reading Inside Story of Why Vivek Paul quit Wipro and this article really impressed me , Shelley Singh & Snigdha Senguptathe authors really impressed me, they have done a fair amount of research before coming up with the inside story. Well, Wipro is my former employer and no doubt why I got interested in the article. Vivek paul’s letter to employees every wednesday is really impressive and he is a real good CEO, watch out what he does next. Wipro’s former vice chairman (prior to vivek paul), Ashok Soota started Mindtree consulting and made it big, now its vivek’s turn, but he usually plays big game in US market. Then ERP head Vikram Gulati who gave tremendeous success to the erp domain left couple of months back , he is the real talented senior guy I had seen so far and when I heard that news I was thinking, how they allow such an attrition in Wipro, now Vivek’s resignation surprises me and I donno whats the future vision of Wipro from now on . Change is always constant and once again here is a proof.

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