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One of my American friend is going on cruise trip to Alaska next week on a 3 week vacation, good thing is, he is taking 2 of his girl friends with him, so its a threesome trip and today in lunch we were speaking about it and he said he has taken a room with one master bed, and a couch in the cruise. I asked him who will sleep in the bed and who will sleep in the couch. He said he had arranged a meeting with 2 of his girl friends last week, and they met and finalised the ground rules for the trip and he has clearly told them that no matter what he will sleep in the bed. Other ground rules includes
~ Knocking the door before entering the room.
~ Give space for each of there own privacy.
~ No snoring.
~ No force sex.
~ Should accompany in dance floors.

Wonder what will happen to we Indians, if we even think of such an exploration?

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