Malai’s growth…

Returned from Texas yesterday happily and it was a nice trip, caught up with headache though now. Malai has grown into sizes for sure since the last time I had seen him.
The citibank customer support problem I mentioned in my previous writeup has taken an new turn now,the Manager again replied apologising but didnt mention a word about the executive bad behaviour nor about the action he has taken, and most importantly didnt give an assurance that it wont be repeated. So I replied him
that I would like to discontinue all my accounts with Citibank. Let me see now, what happens.
New week starts, hope it is a good one. Wish you all Happy week ahead.


One thought on “Malai’s growth…”

  1. “Malai has grown into sizes”

    Enna da yethu??
    Malai appadi yenna gunda va yerukan? Yetho konjum thoppai potturekku. Konjum Kunda yerukan. Athu poi eppadiya….

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