Two great Companies – same results

The best decision I ever made in 2013 (so far) is to fire two great companies to save costs. First my Cable & Internet Service Provider (Bright house) and Wireless provider (AT&T). I fired Bright house due to the recent horrible customer service experience, my DVR box malfunctioned just before Christmas and ever since they missed 3 continuous appointments to fix them and not even a courtesy call to apologize. So they left me with no other option but to fire them. I had to switch to Verizon FIOS and so far everything seems to be fine with much cheaper plan.
Second, My Wireless provider AT&T is hugely over priced for my iPhone – minutes, data and text plans. I found a cheaper alternative which uses the same AT&T Network. It’s a quite a deal and was surprised to find Straighttalk from Walmart was able to offer Unlimited nationwide calling, texting and data for just $45 with no contract. I just used my out of contract AT&T provided iPhone4. Similar plans from AT&T cost more than $80 with a contract.Image
Am so relieved now, and looking forward to save money and hoping to get good customer services in the months to come.


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