Macbook Pro’s Mini disc problem

Last evening, we shot an home video in our mini Disc handy cam, in eagerness to check out the video, I inserted the minidisc into my mac book pro with a hope of playing it. None of the DVD Player softwares in mac were able to recognize the mini disc, which is fine. But the problem started right after it,  it doesn’t eject the mini disc, both via the Open disc key or the Finder, Eject Shortcut.

How can I get the mini disc out and play directly in my Blu ray player ? (of course without breaking my tiny Macbook’s DVD player). Looks like I am not the only one who encountered this accidental problem. There was a whole lot of discussions in the Apple community –

I always of the opinion, listening to some of the posts in communities invites more harm then the benefits it provides. So I chose a work around which is less harmful and is highly recommended by many others. Took a double cell-o-tape and a business card and inserted right into the DVD Player and then pressed the open key, the mini disc popped right next in few seconds.

Kudos to the folks who found this work around and shame on to Apple to have not warned its macbook users.


Self Motivation for the day

“I knew I would be propelled forward to my future professional responsibilities and compensation” –  Todd


Thought of the day

“Nearly all men can handle adversity, but if you really want to test a man’s character – give him power.” – Abraham Lincoln


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