China remains a threat to India

Read this Ashok Parthasarathy’s article on the china threat. He points out that China has been making use of the Coco island (leased from Myanmar) to gather intelligence and eaves dropping on our Andaman & Nicobar (where huge Indian Military base is active), Chandipur (where our missiles are launched for testings) and Sriharikota (where our rockets are launched). Chinese port building in the Gwadar in Pakistan is a threat to us on the Arabian sea side.

The serious threat he points out is,

There are nearly 200 Chinese medium-range and intermediate-range missiles and several hundred military aircraft located in a string of bases in Tibet targeted at our cities, industrial complexes, and major military installations and formations.

The Indian public is not very much aware of this Chinese threat, the security angle is quite important to the country and  hope the Government of India is fully aware of this chinese angle and do business accordingly with the Chinese and make sure India is fully prepared to deter any violation that can occur from both sides of the border.


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