Happy Birthday to my Girl Friend

January 16, 2007 marks the calendar date for my girl friend.

Hey common, don’t guess hard, it’s Suji’s birthday Wink_1

Suji is my life’s companion, my lover, best friend, soulmate, second self, girl friend and best of all my wife.

Honey, I knew you are getting old, but never realised another year would pass by so fastly Gold

I am so thankful for her, she really holds our family and house and am very blessed to have got her.

You’r Amazing honey !! Happy Birthday !!! Love you more and moreHug


Happy Pongal

Happy Pongal (ack., Sankranthi ,  ack., Makhar Sankranthi) !!!


Enjoy with your family.

Now Turn on Your Speakers, My wife would like to wish you with a special Pongal message.

iPhone = iPod + Phone

Apple’s Iphone (Ipod with Phone) is going to be released in June this year for a whopping price of $499.
Here is a youtube video on the closer look at the phone.

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