Congrats Indra Nooyi!!

Indra Nooyi, will become the new chief executive of PepsiCo Inc. She is the highest-ranking Indian-born woman in corporate America.Note She is now a citizen of the United States.So don’t fall back and claim an Indian became CEO of Pepsi. Nooyi, 50, lives in Greenwich, Connecticut, with her husband and two daughters, she will succeed Steve Reinemund on October 1 to become the food and beverage company’s fifth CEO. Kudos Nooyi!!

Important Note: Nooyi was born in Chennai,  she received her Physics from Madras Christian College and an M.B.A. from the Indian Institute of Management in Calcutta.

We can be proud that she is from our land of Idly, Sambar and is serving as a  great source of inspiration to thousands of Indians pursuing there dreams in this land of opportunity.

Image Courtesy: Forbes


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