Afraid of SARS?

Well am after reading this

Ohio, whose parents offered an interest-free loan to pay off
his high-interest credit card debt. While surfing online a message board post
caught his attention.
"A guy said he paid off his credit card and got a call from the
bank," says the graduate, who asked not to be identified. "They held
his funds for three weeks because his payment deviated from his normal payment.
I did my own research and found it was realistic.

"They could report you to Homeland Security if payments
deviate from the norm. It sounded scary and made me nervous. I think it’s
ludicrous that anyone should be afraid of paying off their debt."

Suspicious Activity Report, or SAR. It’s a US
government program designed to track down terrorists and money launderers. Well
as this Article
 points out it threatens out honest people
who are conducting legitimate financial activities through legitimate banking
channels to be reported.

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