Brutality at Bangalore Railway Station

Check this out..Got this as a fwd mail from Siva. I don’t know how far is this true. But what you would do if you are in Nimish situation?


     A shocking and outrageous incident happened three days ago with one
     of my juniors from IIM Lucknow. This happened at Bangalore Railway
     Station.The details of the incident are posted below.

     He is seeking help from anyone with contacts in media to as that will
     probably ensure speedy justice and also help in bringing culprits to
     books. Anyone with willingness to help can reach him at 9886179319 or

     Thanks and regards,


     I would like to bring to notice a certain injustice that I have
     subjected to at the Bangalore Railway Station (Majestic). On
     September 30 (Friday), 2005, I had been to the station to see off my
     fiance and her mother. They took the Karnataka Express (Train #2627)
     to Jhansi at 6:30 pm.

     On my way out I was asked to present my platform ticket by a railway
     official. On producing the same, the TT turned around and told me
     "What if I say that you haven’t given me the ticket?" Before I could
     react, he along with his colleague pushed me into the adjacent
     enquiry cabin and physically manhandled me. I was slapped several
     times, my spectacles were grabbed and deliberately crushed by foot,
     and my phone was flung away from me. The RPF comprising of one RPF
     and four constables, appeared on the scene. The surrounding public
     was whisked away. None of the railway police officials cared to
     listen to me and they started hitting me indiscriminately with
     lathis. They dragged me out, and all the 4 constables continued
     hitting me with lathis from Platform 1 to Platform 3/5, till we
     reached the station master’s cabin. Racist abuses and threats were
     made on the way. At the station master’s cabin, I was told that I
     have been charged with a non-bailable offence and would be behind
     bars for 15 days.

     Not for a single moment was I allowed to speak. All of a sudden a
     stranger came to the scene and he claimed that he was there to help
     me. Having lost all my physical strength and mental senses, I was
     happy to see some sort of help. He, claiming to be V Srinivas from
     Infosys, talked to the officials and the railway police in Kannada.
     He told me that the only way I was to get out was if I was willing to
     pay my way through. Being in no state to make a rational choice, I
     gave him my ATM card and pin. He took one of the RPF chaps along with
     him and said he would clear the matter. He returned some time later
     saying that everything was okay now.

     I was asked to sign a statement which said that I hit the police and
     TT in a drunken state. I refused. Finally, they pressurized me to
     write that I did not produce a platform ticket when asked. I wrote
     the same and then V Srinivas took me out of the station. He joined me
     in an auto and took me to the ICICI ATM at Anand Rao circle. He
     withdrew Rs. 15000 from my ATM and got back. he took the cash under
     the pretext that while helping me he had left his wallet in the train
     he had left behind and that he would return the same through his
     ICICI Internet account.  Having broken down mentally I did not
     realise that I was being cheated. He then took me to a Samsung
     showroom and tried purchasing a cellphone worth Rs. 18500 with my
     card. It was only then that I realised what was happening. I grabbed
     my card back, caught him by the collar, snatched my cash that lay in
     his pocket, and got into a running auto.

     I have now realized that all of this was a plan. There is a strong
     nexus between the railway officials, the railway police and the
     fraudster. The railway officials identify a victim who they think is
     well-to-do, the RPF beat that individual till he has no physical or
     mental well-being. Then this fraud chap comes on to the scene, takes
     advantage of the situation, and takes all your cash away. Also, this
     series of events generally occurs on the last day of the month as
     they know that the salary gets credited on this day. (This strikes me
     now because the self-proclaimed Infy employee, V Srinivas, clearly
     asked me whether I had received my salary. He said that he just
     wanted to find out if there was cash enough to tackle the case.)

     Now three days hence, I have tried to run from pillar to post. I have
     been forced to miss office hours in my effort to get justice. But I
     don’t want to give up the fight midway. If any of you are in the
     media, or have friends/relatives who are in the industry, I’d like to
     speak with them about this in greater detail. I can be reached on
     09886179319 or 08030933067. I believe it would catalyze my efforts.

     Also, please pass this email to all the people who reside in
     Bangalore, so that they don’t fall into the same trap.

     Nimish V Adani
     IIML Batch of 2003
     ITBHU Batch of 2001


3 thoughts on “Brutality at Bangalore Railway Station”

  1. Just to inform that the Railway Police Force took necessary action agaist those culprit (ofcourse the culprits ar ethe officials)…


  2. Just to inform that the Railway Police Force took necessary action agaist those culpritd (ofcourse the culprits ar ethe officials)…


  3. about it. it seems the web media is contributing more and more than the print media. Hope Nimish recovers soon.

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