Last weekend..

Being aggressive, professionally helped me reach where am now, but considering the next 10 years where I will be, what goals I have setted myself (nah, am not going to disclose my goals here) and how hard I had to work to achieve it, all seems to be puzzle at this moment, I think that makes life interesting. I hate telecommuting, virtually you are taking off if you do telecommute. Never telecommuted for the last 2 years, but willing to do it when am with a person of my life.
Last weekend, went fine with friends. Hey we tried Dosa in Annapoorna in Lala’s land. It was good. Universal studio was worth the time, they really excite you in some rides like Mummy and Back to Future, Jurassic park last dip. Bijoy, Amit, Durai and Santhosh were the buddies I had been with last weekend. Althgh I worked with Amit and Bijoy in Mumbai we know each other well, Durai – I met him in chennai when we attended an interview, some years ago. Life moves on and atlast we met here.
Yesterday was listening to an radio program from our Ashok from the Geetham forum, this dude looks so familiar althgh I knew him only through tht forum. I think it may be becas of the common interests we share. I enjoyed his program, he did well mixing up comedy scenes along with Rajini’s songs which we requested. Forums like this keeps your daily life going particularly when you are so away from your home and missing your near and dear ones. There are really some gr8 folks out there.


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