Traffic Traffic..

Traffic is so high in this part of the world, 10 miles drive to office takes 45 mins, again cutting the lanes all the way to the left and then to take exit cutting  all the way down to right all in this 7 miles freeway traffic, and they easily violate the traffic rules, big trucks literally scares us, by entering into the carpool lane.

Today found an interesting site, Dulance a simple RSS search engine, that even has an option to filter out the advertisement in searches that hardly other search engines do. You want to sell your product, pay us and we will make it a hit is the mantra of other popular engines, as we all know.

Skype again hits back with Vskype its way cool.

Work has been going great.  I still can’t talk about what I’m working on but I really feel like I’ve made it over the hump of moving to a new client and I’m starting to be really productive.

Got a chance to interact with yahoo folks today during lunch session, marketing seems to be the buzz word for them. Thats the way the whole business goes. I donno whether MS and yahoo folks are listening to Google’s 20% time policy? The intrapersonal environment at Google is very energizing and both MS and yahoo losing lot of talented people to its competitors.

Today went to buy parking space pass for my car and was talking to the manager filling out the forms, he said my pass will be effective from today but I already had a visitor pass and he said you can use your new pass badge from tomorrow, but for today just show up to the cashier this bill and your visitor pass, I got worried, as I have been using my visitor pass and creditcard to get my car out as I come out of the building at real weird timings, I told him my concerns, he said " Sir, if my cashier is not there, just come back to me, I will fire him and get your car out of the building". Am speechless.


Auto Insurance

Switched my auto insurance carrier today, as per friends advise. He indeed suggested to go to the specialist brokers as he did and strike a deal, I did exactly the same, the specialists simply compared 30 licensed insurer and gave me a best deal. Again it saved me hundreds of dollars on insurance premiums with a good rise in deductibles on collision and comprehensive coverage. she took the car pictures herself and got it approved instantly. Need to learn the laws of money. present value formula and future value formula from people it will always excites me.
I was so tired today, got a decent sleep after coming up from office. Will catch up sleep again now..

Cage I live in…

The Long Drive to Lala’s land was nice, I-5 freeway, for 259 miles made the job easier, listened to 6 comedy tracks and 32 songs repeatedly, now I knew which track each song is in..;)
For the next 2 weeks am gonna live in this cage in this part of the world.Dsc00676 Dsc00674

Cool city Downtown looks splendid…just started exploring…lot to do,  now need to iron my clothes for tomorrow’s office..:(

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