Serendipity Engine

Every success story involves some amount of luck. Serendipity– Occurrence of events on randomness leading to positive outcomes. Serendipity is ultimately a skill one should cultivate- the engineering of your own luck. In fact serendipity is what sets up apart- it’s the only way we can discover an approach that is not obvious or logical. But how do we become a serendipity engine?

1. Being open-minded pragmatists who search relentlessly for ways to improve attracts opportunities of luck. Roam far and wide in a quest for better ways to think and make smart decisions. You will strike luck.

2. Work like a Lion Wait, Sprint, Rest, Repeat.

3. Arena Razor It’s scary and lonely in the arena – but it’s where the growth happens. Always choose the path that puts you in the arena rather than the sidelines.

Expand your horizons and never underestimate the density of opportunity that lies ahead. Your career, life can change in a single moment. Make sure to seize it.


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