What’s your Fiscal behavior?

Any Business Leaders fiscal approach to business is determined by two basic drives:

1) Add value to products/services (inferred from Gross Margin)
2) Deploy Efficiency with deployed resources (inferred from indirect expenses)

Together these numbers constitute the Financial Signature
(FS) = Gross Margin + Relative indirect expenses

When the numbers and financial behaviors intersect
(1) gross margin and expenses are both high, “Venture Capitalist
(2) high gross margin and low expenses, “Buccaneer
(3) low gross margin and high expenses, “Mercantilist
(4) gross margin and expenses are both low, “Discounter

Any fiscal behavior needed to change based on the state of the business. There is no one size fits all approach.


Everything is Temporary

“How do you get out of this misery? By understanding that pain, sadness, and suffering are a natural part of life. It is also temporary and ever-changing, as is joy, happiness, and pleasure.

If you stop fighting things you don’t like and trying desperately to hold onto things you do like, life can become more peaceful. Everything is temporary, so just notice it.

Observe it, without any sort of craving or aversion. Everything will ultimately shift, change, or go away, and that’s okay, because something new will take its place”

— Ivy Kwong

About Billionaires

Billionaires don’t “create jobs.” They extract value — time, talent, creativity, effort — from others at an industrial scale.

Check out this episode!

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