Save $1000 a year

There’s a program called Digit that has helped me avoid overdraft fees and automate savings. Digit skims small amounts automatically from your bank account: few dollars here and there. They analyze your spending and pull tiny amounts from your account, so that you save without noticing.Screen Shot 2019-05-26 at 9.26.12 AM

Their algorithm looks at your spending patterns, learns how you spend, and automatically saves tiny amounts. You don’t have to adjust your lifestyle. They’ll learn your habits, and automate the savings for you.

They offer overdraft reimbursement, which means you’re protected from the risk of them saving too much. If you overdraft (which you won’t), they’ll pay the fee.

You spend less than 10 minutes signing up. You could save $1,000 a year. And you won’t even notice.

Make this your quick win for the week.


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