Synthetic Experience

Today morning, Victor Cheng kindled my interests in Synthetic Experience. Although we had heard about synthetic drugs (how harmful it is), synthetic culture (cross-culture), synthetic oil, synthetic DNA of the future – synthetic experience is something we all go through very often sub consciously in our mind. Its in fact closest to the real experience one could have and is proved to be very effective.Image
Think of it this way – you’re going to an important Customer meeting which will make or break your career prospects and just before the meeting, you visualize how well you’re going to present and how you will be answering the questions, this is “Synthetic experience”. When real experience comes later which is second to none, you will find the usefulness of synthetic experience.
So how do we practice synthetic experience ? you can visualize, repeat by reading, writing, practicing again and again and what ever forms it takes to get to the closest real experience.


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